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HIS Certification with the LDRA tool suite




HIS Standards Menu
HIS Standards Menu

The HIS working group Software Test released a common subset of the rules from the 1998 version of the MISRA Guidelines that would be applicable for HIS and published these on the HIS website.  http://www.automotive-his.de This document specifies the additional rules which will be applicable to HIS from the MISRA Guidelines Version 2004.

HIS - Herstellerinitiative Software is a committee drawn from the following companies:

Audi AG 
Daimler AG 
Porsche AG 
Volkswagen AG

HIS Certification with the LDRA Tool Suite


HIS Summary Report
HIS Summary Report

The HIS standard encompasses 115 rules. The LDRA tool suite implements 108, partially implements 3, 1 is to not yet implemented and 3 are not deemed to be statically analysable by the MISRA committee. Specific details on the HIS standard and LDRA's compliance can be found in the LDRA MISRA-C:1998 - HIS Mapping document above. (Registration required)

Obtaining Further Information

Specific details on the HIS AK Software Test Standard can be found at: http://www.automotive-his.de.

"The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association" (MISRA) have released two documents one in 1998 and the second in 2004 on the subject of "Guidelines for the use of the C language."